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The European social and transversal competence passport for youth with disabilities – a tool for validation of non-formal and informal acquired competences.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To enable people with disabilities and from an immigration background in Europe to participate more frequently, more fully, and more successfully in employment and labour mobility.
  • To develop a competence passport (outcomes based) which will be created/completed with the participation of a:
  • career counsellor
  • supported employment consultant
  • vocational rehabilitation adviser or similar
  • Develop a social and transversal competence validation tool will help the beneficiaries to further understand and identify the level of competences that they possess.
  • Develop an interactive competence hub which will enable open distance learning and validation.

The EUCOMPASS project prioritizes the promotion of youth empowerment through the achievement of relevant skills and competences, and the validation of said skills and competences.